Yikes! It is already August — and the school year is less than a month away! Are you ready to talk about school?
When can you use the word KINDERGARTEN? When do you say CLASS and when GRADE or YEAR? Is there a difference between COLLEGE and UNIVERSITY in English? And what do Brits mean when they say PUBLIC?
Wheww…! Explaining Polish concepts in English can really be a bit complicated. Amanda and Andrew tackle the topic of school — and try to make it easier for you to discuss education in English.


Have you had difficulties discussing age in English?
When can you say TEENAGER, when is the word ELDERLY appropriate, and how old is a TODDLER? These questions and others are addressed by Amanda & Andrew as they try to explain the subtulties of English to make you a better, more articulate speaker in English! ENJOY!


How do you say L4, FERIE or URLOP in English?
Not so easy, eh? Amanda and Andrew try to help you improve your vacation vocabulary so as to make your life easier when talking in English about time off. Tell us how they have done — and have a great summer vacation (or is it summer holiday? :D) from all of us at Świat Języków.