AMANDA & ANDREW are at it again. This time round they decided that once and for all, they needed to figure out what are the proper terms we use for FURNITURE. „The devil is in the detail.” Table and chair may be easy enough? But what about KOMODA and KONSOLA or SZAFA and SZAFKA. And then what do you call a ŁAWKA when it’s not in the park, but at church, or at school, or in a boat? And then there are lights! From ŻYRANDOL to KINKIET and PLAFON. AMANDA & ANDREW have difficulty trying to sort out all these terms, but they give you some pointers on how to use ENGLISH more naturally — how to avoid common errors that Poles make when talking about their home furnishings. ENJOY!


What is RED TAPE? Can you use the word „DOCUMENTATION” in English? How can explain yourself in English when talking about things bureacratic in nature — yet without confusing your listener? AMANDA and ANDREW are back with the most horrible of topics — DOCUMENTATION and BUREAUCRACY!! Hardly anyone’s favorite topic, it is a necessary one. As much as we avoid talking about paperwork, sometimes we need to explain ourselves in English. Amanda and Andrew try to help as they attempt to explain the differences between UMOWA o PRACĘ, UMOWA ZLECENIE, and UMOWA O DZIEŁO. They try to clear up what ZAŚWIADCZENIE in English without confusing the idea with OŚWIADCZENIE. And there are many, many other confusing terms. Enjoy!


You would think that „WINDOW” is a relatively easy, basic word, right? Amanda & Andrew, however, have had so many problems with OKIENKO, WITRYNA — not to mention anything that you put on them from FIRANKA and ZASŁONA to ROLETY and ŻALUZJE. This episode, AMANDA & ANDREW attempt to translate these terms and many others. So, the next time you meet a native speaker at ŚWIAT JĘZYKÓW, you can correct him/her 😀 when they simply say CURTAINS for everything.