AMANDA & ANDREW are back to talk about EASTER and its traditions! Do you know how to translate some of those items found in your EASTER BASKET? CHRZAN, WĘDLINA, or BARANEK? How do traditions in the USA differ from those in Poland? And how would you describe customs connected to Easter, such as ŚMIGUS DYNGUS, to an American or Brit? Well, find out with AMANDA & ANDREW! Wishing you and your families a wonderful Easter from all of us at Świat Języków!


AMANDA & ANDREW are back to talk about SPRING and LENT, as well as holidays and traditions during the spring. Do you know how to say POŚCIĆ? How would you explain TŁUSTY CZWARTEK to an American or Brit? Can you translate WIELKI TYDZIEŃ and WIELKI PIĄTEK? Could you explain to a foreigner MARZANNA? And how do Americans celebrate the coming of spring? Find out with AMANDA & ANDREW! Enjoy!


„APRIL FOOLS!!!” from AMANDA & ANDREW Have you ever tried to tell a JOKE in ENGLISH? But, maybe, you’ve had some difficulties with the terminology? Perhaps, you are not sure how to translate words such as ŻART, FIGIEL, and KAWAŁ? What about words like BAŁWAN, BARAN, and KRETYN? How would you express that someone is one of these in English? Have fun with AMANDA & ANDREW as they stumble and try to explain how they would translate these words in English. Have a great April Fools’ Day! And try to use English when FOOLING, PRANKING, or HOAXING someone! 🙂